The Traditional Ghanaian Culture And How It Shaped Us

The Traditional Ghanaian Culture And How It Shaped Us

There is no doubt that the Western culture has had a profound influence on our very own Ghanaian culture. The ordinary Ghanaian is well known for his/her hospitality and warm reception towards visitors. Perhaps, this accounts for the reason why we have shamelessly exchanged our rich cultural values and traditions for those of the Western world. Growing up, the majority of us experienced the situation where a neighbour could beat the stubbornness out of any child but still have the full approval of the child’s parents.

We were taught;
1) Never to talk back at elders. This was especially confusing for the majority of us as you could earn yourself a beating for talking back at your elders or obtain a few knocks if you decided to stay quiet.
2) We dared not walk past an elder without greeting.
3) To show the highest form of respect to the elderly.

These and many more were the core values that were impacted into the mind and heart of any child in the typical Ghanaian society. Our values and traditions were passed on from one generation to the other through interactions between the elderly and the young.

Unfortunately, in our current society these sort of interactions do not exist anymore. The old see the young ones as insolent, not ready to learn and lacking the spirit of hard work. As a matter of fact, they see the younger generation as too difficult and non-malleable. The younger generation on the other hand, principally see the old folks as outdated individuals who are not in tune with modern trends.

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A young girl will dress up in an attire many of the old timers will find despicable. Nevertheless, amongst her colleagues she would be hailed as a fashion icon. The misrepresentation of what constitutes fashion in the modern world has led many young women to parade our streets in rags that do very little to cover their vital parts. Get onto our streets and you would struggle to tell whether the young lady you meet in the trosky, taxi or walking on the pavement is going to church, the club, office or the amusement park by the way she is dressed. And you dare not make the mistake of confronting her on it.

I once asked a guy I have known who happens to be single why he is delaying in getting married. “I don’t see the need for a commitment not to talk of marriage ‘mpo’ because all the packages I want are easy to find on the street”. He argued out his point with specific examples to my astonishment.

Marriage these days are so difficult for some women not because they lack beauty or are extravagant in their lifestyle but the way they carry themselves. It is important for us as ladies to maintain our dignity, honour and respect.
Someone once said a woman who doesn’t know her worth will settle for less than she deserves and always find herself trapped in a mess that is even harder to get out of.

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A woman without boundaries will soon be a woman without respect. You set the standard of how you should be treated. It’s not cockiness or pride it’s simply standards and values. If someone desires you, it does not mean the person values you. The same people who will pretend to complain about your upright behaviour will turn back and applaud you for being a woman of integrity. Whiles those who sing your praises will say disgusting things about you once you show them you lack principles.

It’s better to be single and wait for what you deserve than lower your standards and settle for less than God’s best for you.
It is often said that first impressions count. No matter the level of insight one can obtain from his or her first encounter with someone, long term encounter does help to completely reveal those behaviours that wouldn’t show up on the first date.

Perhaps, this is what leads most would-be couples into the situation of cohabitation. It pushes me off the cliff when young girls of today are not able to withstand pressures from their boyfriends to move in with them. The number one excuse given is for both parties to get to know each other better.

I believe good virtues count and knowing what you want or expecting less from your partner can go a long to save you a lot of stress in the future.
It’s good to value yourself to say no to certain demands that can compromise what you stand for in life because it won’t take anything from you if you tell him to wait till you are married before you can move into his house.

In the Ghanaian culture, the pride of a lady lies in having a man come into her home to ask her hand in marriage. Society might have evolved and the sort of things our parents cherished may seem outdated and out of fashion to our generation but our customs and traditions make us who we are. Our Ghanaian culture is what unites us as one people with a common destiny.