Who Needs A Cheating Partner?

Who Needs A Cheating Partner?

A Qatar Airways flight had to make an emergency landing because a woman on board got upset, angry and thus became flight safety risk. The motive for this woman’s actions was her husband’s infidelity. The man was cheating on her. Who would blame her which one of us would not be upset in such a circumstance? However, behaving in a manner that puts the lives of other passengers at risk is something that needs to be condemned.

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So how did this woman come to the realization that her husband was having an affair mid flight? His cell phone exposed him. Even the cell phones of old came with phone locking abilities how much more today’s smartphones that are more complex and designed to offer the maximum security. How did the woman work her way around the phone’s security?

Do not underestimate the powers of a determined woman. She simply waited for the man to fall asleep and then used his finger to unlock his smartphone. Once the phone was unlocked, she had all the armour she needed in order to repeatedly hit the cheating husband.

Every building requires a firm foundation. It is same for every relationship. However, no matter the material used in putting up the foundation, if the builders begin to dig out the foundation, the building will crumble.

Trust is the foundation for all relationships. And for this ‘airplane couple’, that trust flew away from them long ago. For the woman to go to the extent of using her sleeping husband’s finger to unlock his phone without his consent shows that the lady has had reasons to doubt her husband.

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There are many of us in relationships where we are snoppping on our partners in a bid to catch them in the act of cheating. For every second we spend nursing thoughts of our partners going behind us is time we could have used to build our relationship.

We seem to convince ourselves that by snooping and catching our partners cheating on us, we save ourselves the time and hussle in being in a relationship with them. The desire to satisfy our innate curiosity blinds us to the pains we would feel if our fears are proven true.

If you go searching through cobwebs you need to prepare yourself to meet a spider.

Many of us go searching for evidence our partners are cheating or lying to us yet we do not prepare ourselves to handle the results of our search should it turn out to be true.

The golden question still remains ‘Is it right to go through your partner’s stuff without his or her consent?’ It all depends on the agreement between the couple. Some couples have absolutely no issue with that whiles others respect their individual rights and privacy.

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Nevertheless, the fact that your partner practices an open door policy with you does not mean he or she can’t cheat. Getting into a relationship is like eating an orange. In choosing one, you may turn and roll it over all you want. You may use all kinds of criteria to select one but you will only know if the one you have is sweet or bitter when you put it in your mouth. Should it turn out to be bitter, you have the choice to spit it out or swallow.