October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is breast cancer awareness month. Here are 12 quick facts we all need to know about this disease.

1) This cancer forms in the cells of the breast. It affects both women and men but it is 100 times common in women than men.

2) It does not matter whether there has or has not been a prior case of breast cancer in your family. The risk factor is based on the fact that you are a woman. Just about 5% to 10% occurs in women with a genetic predisposition to this disease.

3) The older a woman gets the higher the risk factor. Women aged 50 years and older form about 79% of new cases and 88% of reported deaths.

4) 0ne out of eight women will be diagnosed of this form of cancer in their lifetime.

5) There is evidence from scientific research to support the claim that breastfeeding for a year or more reduces the risk of this cancer.

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6) Breast cancer is treatable but the key here is early detection. Treatment may involve chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and is dependent on the stage of the cancer.

7) Minimize your risk of getting this cancer by controlling your alcohol intake.

8) The risk of breast cancer is higher in women who smoke than those who don’t.

9) Statistically speaking, the left breast has a higher risk of developing a cancer than the right.

10) If not detected and treated early, this cancer will eventually lead to death. It is the second cause of cancer deaths after lung cancer.

11) Breast cancer, was in the past, refered to as the nun’s disease because the disease was popular amongst nuns.

12) The United States alone has 2.8 million breast cancer survivors. You can survive breast cancer seek early detection and treatment.

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