The Secrets in a Woman’s Heart 2… The Bitter Truth

The Secrets in a Woman’s Heart  2… The Bitter Truth

The problems of life sometimes don’t just want to seize popping up. Here was a young lady who had spent countless nights, screaming in tongues all in a bid to get the Almighty to hear her cry and help her find a job. There were times she even promised God she wouldn’t ask for any other thing should He grant her wish. But when the job came alongside the undeserved favour from Mr Sarpong, Obaa then felt the need to have a man she would call her own. She got money and intimacy from Mr Sarpong but it could never be compared to having a man who genuinely loved her.

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She was scheduled to go on a business trip to Kumasi with Mr Sarpong but the man called in at the last minute to say he wouldn’t be able to attend. It was an important meeting that would cost Digital links dearly should they both fail to attend. Reluctantly, Obaa agreed to embark on the trip alone. She could already tell it was going to be a boring trip without the company of Mr Sarpong. Obaa Yaa had come to love such trips because that’s the only time she gets to have Mr Sarpong all to herself without the man having to be in a rush to go home to his wife.
Obaa Yaa left Accra around 3:30pm Thursday afternoon by flight to Kumasi. She was met at the airport by representatives of the company hosting her. But to her utmost shock and excitement, her primary school crush was part of the team of two gentlemen that came to pick her up. She jumped into the waiting arms of Eliot when she saw him. It had been years since they last set eyes on each other. They spent a good part of the night chatting and trying to catch up on old memories. After Kwame had left the hotel, Obaa spent the rest of the night thinking about what could have transpired between she and Eliot had they not lost contact with each other.

The next morning, Eliot was at the hotel very early as he had volunteered to pick her up. When he got there, she was still in bed. She, therefore, invited him over to her room. As he sat there watching the young pretty lady walk the length and breadth of the room in her night wear, he struggled to keep his eyes off her. He traced the shape of her body through the ‘see through’ night gown she was wearing, occasionally looking away to avoid catching her eyes. On her part, she didn’t also help matters as she undressed, washed down and got dressed as if she was the only one in the room. At about 7:35am, both Obaa and Eliot walked out of the lobby of the hotel, headed for the main office.

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They had a successful business meeting which ended with both parties being satisfied with the outcome. She quickly sent a simple text message to Mr Sarpong to let him know that the deal had gone through. Mr Sarpong on the other hand was more interested in knowing when she would be back in Accra.
However, Obaa had other plans. She called the local travel bureau and cancelled her flight. This gave her the opportunity to join the guys for a celebratory outing that evening. They drunk, ate and danced the night away. Obaa Yaa found herself all alone with Eliot in her hotel room. They got back to talking about old times before finally ending up in each other’s arms. They passionately made out until they could not control it anymore and so ended up naked under the sheets. That was the first of many such acts that continued into the next day and the day after. Obaa over stayed her visit by two nights with Eliot being with her that whole time.

But their meeting was not all about the physical pleasures. They spoke deeply in between bouts of deep sexual activity. Their conversations revolved around the love they had for each other and how they would want this love to grow.
Finally, when Eliot took Obaa Yaa to the airport in Kumasi, parting didn’t come easy for the two new love birds.
As soon as the plane touched down in Accra and it was clear for her to use her cell phone, she pulled it out and switched it on. Within seconds, a text from Eliot was showing;

‘I never thought I was going to find my long lost love. I never thought love would be delivered so beautifully into my hands. But guess what? It has! I’m so happy we have finally met again. I miss you so much already baby girl!’
‘Missing you too my love… the plane has landed safely sweetheart. I love you… mwaaah’ She also replied.

As she walked through the arrival hall, she was beaming with smiles. The trip to Kumasi had proved worthwhile. But then, reality hit her. What if Mr Sarpong does not take kindly to her new found love? Mr Sarpong was responsible for making her who she was which makes it easy for him to destroy her. Her other fear was how Eliot would react to the news of she being with a married man. For almost an hour, Yaa sat in the cab that was taking her home absent minded. She knew she couldn’t let the possibility of becoming a ‘Mrs’ pass her by. She stood a better chance at marriage with Eliot than with the already married Mr Sarpong who was clearly in the relationship for the sex. She was clear in her mind as to which of the two men she was going for- Eliot was the obvious and better choice. Her primary concern now was how she was going to break the news to Mr Sarpong.

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She was soon to realise that it was not as simple as she initially thought it to be. Several times she walked into Mr Sarpong’s office wanting to end the relationship with him but each time, she couldn’t do so. When the weekend came, she jumped into a plane bound for Kumasi and off she went. Eliot met her at the airport but instead of taking her home, they went to a hotel. His excuse was that, he wanted to give her a romantic weekend getaway. For Obaa Yaa, having the opportunity to be with Eliot was what mattered most.

They talked and made love over and over again. Eliot was a vibrant young man. With him, Obaa was quickly able to see all the things she was missing being in bed with the much older Mr Sarpong. Her phone rang several times whiles with Eliot but she intentionally didn’t pick up because she knew it was all coming from Mr Sarpong. A worried Eliot edged her to pick up the phone but she brushed it off by telling him ‘don’t want them using work to disrupt the good time we are having. Just leave it they will get tired’.

Obaa Yaa returned to Accra to hear that an angry Mr Sarpong had been to her house in her absence a number of times but on the very last visit, the man made a scene that drew curious onlookers. Perhaps, this was the little push she needed. She was so furious she stormed Mr Sarpong’s office Monday morning to render her disapproval and finally, in no uncertain terms tell the man she wants out of the relationship.
For 20 minutes both parties stared at each other without uttering a word. Mr. Sarpong didn’t really understand why Obaa Yaa will think of such a thing at this time of their lives.

‘Just when I was thinking of entrusting her with a position of authority in my business she has decided to do this’ he thought to himself.
‘Why Obaa?’ He asked her. ‘Haven’t l been giving you everything you ask for?’
‘I will be the first to admit you have really been good to me. But there is this one thing you can’t give me. As a woman, I desire to have my own husband; a man I call my own. I am not getting any younger and it is about time I stopped being a parasite on some other woman’s husband.’
Hearing those words, Mr Sarpong just sat on his chair and said nothing. He knew the issue of marriage was never an option on the table.
‘Exactly my point’ Obaa Yaa said as she walked out of the office.

The number of romantic and naughty text messages between Obaa Yaa and Eliot increased significantly.

Days went by and Obaa refused to go to work only because she didn’t want a confrontation with Mr Sarpong. ‘What if he gets to know Eliot is the reason why I am breaking up with him? As powerful as he is, he would destroy Eliot’s career in a second’ she thought to herself. She wishes she could just end her encounter with Mr Sarpong without having to offer him any explanations. She has been absent without leave for two weeks but Mr Sarpong had neither called her nor asked someone to check up on her. One part of her was happy with that fact assuming the man had accepted his fate. Another side of her was sad the man she had been sleeping with all this while will not even bother to seek her whereabouts.

On the third week, Mr Sarpong sent for her. That morning Obaa Yaa was still contemplating if she should really go for this meeting looking at the days she had stayed at home. She couldn’t see any positive outcome from that meeting with Mr Sarppong. She felt the man might have called for that meeting in order to embarrass her. Finally, she decided to go. She dressed up and drove to Digital links in her new Hyundai Elantra saloon car. On arrival, some of her colleagues congratulated her on her achievement whiles others looked at her scornfully. A bit confused, she went straight to the CEO‘s office to find out what was going on. Mr Sarppong seemed to be busy reviewing some documents. He directed her to the boardroom without even looking at her face. As soon as Obaa entered the room everyone stood up and started clapping. Mr. Sarpong then entered and offered her the document he was reading back in his office. In the letter, which was addressed to her, was stated her promotion to the position of General Manager.
She couldn’t believe her eyes and wondered why Mr Sarpong would promote her now that she wanted them to end their relationship. Nevertheless, she was happy for such an opportunity. Immediately, Mr Sarpong hugged her and whispered into her ears ‘l will do anything for you my love’. There was a scheduled cocktail session that evening to honour the new GM of Digital links but Obaa Yaa was not going to wait in Accra for that cocktail. Instead, she hopped onto the next available flight to Kumasi. She had good news to share and she only wanted to share it with the one man she was in love with. She didn’t for a second stop to think about how awkward the situation is. The boss she is sleeping with has promoted her and she wants to celebrate that promotion with her boyfriend… how awkward can that be?

She wanted to surprise Eliot so she didn’t tell him she was flying in but instead sought directions to his house from one of his colleagues. She planned her movement such that she would meet him at home. After a hectic time with the taxi driver, she finally located the house. Full of excitement, Obaa Yaa with a bottle of Champaign in hand, red sexy lingerie in her handbag and several lap dance techniques in her head, she knocked at the front door. A strong male voice answered. She identified the voice to be that of Eliot, this filled her with joy. In a bid to be naughty, she unbuttoned her blouse exposing her breasts, bra and tummy. Then she was shocked when a heavily pregnant woman answered the door. Seconds after the pregnant woman appeared at the door, Eliot joined the pregnant woman with the words ‘my love who is at the door?’ Obaa Yaa quickly noticed the wedding rings on both their fingers. Before that day, she never saw anything on Eliot that would suggest he was married. The poor lady just fainted.
She woke up 12hours later at Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital. But there was more drama to follow as the doctor had detected she was 4 weeks pregnant. She had absolutely no doubt whose baby she was carrying. This brought down tears from her eyes. Her first mistake was having an affair with a married man in order to get a job. Now, she had gotten pregnant for a married man all because of she was chasing after marriage.

Obaa Yaa’s dilemma now is whether to put this pregnancy on Mr Sarpong and continue to enjoy all the material things money can buy or to give it to the young man with a pregnant wife who is still building his career, either ways she will not be a second wife.

The End.

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