Talent Makes The Difference

Talent Makes The Difference

Talent comes in various forms and magnitude. For any particular field of human endeavour, one can find people who are extremely talented, moderately talented and those that are not talented. I believe one way or the other, we are all talented in our own way. The only difference is the fact that some have discovered theirs whiles others are seriously searching in the wrong direction for their talent.

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Part of the reason why many people are missing out on finding their talent is not having the right opportunities. I write far better than I sing. On a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being the lowest and 10 the highest, I will rank my writing abilities a 7 and my singing prowess a 0. But when I look at all these celebrity musicians and their lifestyle (most of which are fake) I am tempted to venture into music.

My voice may not cut it but with current technology, I could sound like Chris Brown, Paul Simon, Celine Dion, Alicia Keys if I wanted to. I know you probably are getting upset I didn’t mention the name of any Ghanaian musician. That is not to say they aren’t good enough. We have had pretty much talented musicians in this country. And we have had terrible ones too.

Unfortunately, the current crop of musicians seem to erroneously think that controversy is what will take them to the apex of the music industry. There are good artists in the country who are spending time courting controversey around them than use that time to develop their talent. Controversy will provide the attention but it is talent that will sustain it.

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That brings me to the issue of a beautiful and sexy songstress who has risen to the top of the Ghanaian entertainment industry. Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng with the stage name Ebony wants to be known by the tag the “90s Bad Girl”. She is living up to that billing with her performance but most especially with her choice of clothing.

I am yet to meet a discussion on Ebony that is centered around her talent as a musician. Her “bad girl” posture overshadows discussions on her. The artist is evidently loving this development,her management team loves it and bloggers are tripping all over themselves to write about her.

The first time I heard about her, it was at a performance held on the campus of University of Ghana. What caught my attention was the fact that a whole bed was brought onto the stage so she could dance and grind on a gentleman who was made to lie on the bed. Was that really necessary? Her handlers thought that was a good strategy to get her the attention and popularity she deserves and they have not looked back since.

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The aftermath of this year’s 4syte Music awards focussed on Ebony and her “Agent provocateur” image. Camera-men/women at the event grounds all focussed their lenses on vital parts of her body hoping to be the ones to catch a lucrative glimpse of her womanly part.

Her father, has in the past, sort to defend her by saying he sees nothing wrong with the way she dresses. As a matter of fact, he claims to be the one that chooses her outfits. Talent without the right attitude will yield no results. But you don’t have to be half naked to be a good musician.

It is also hypocritical when we all jump onto the “Ebony attack train”. When in actual fact the male musicians cannot seem to find their singing voices unless there are bikini clad girls twerking around them.

There are no half naked women in this music video and there isn’t any allusion to sex in this music. I don’t know about you but I love it.

I am not joining the likes of Obour and the many other Ghanaians pretending to be on the moral high ground by condemning Ebony. My only fear is the fact that she is over relying on her sex appeal and once that fails her, there would be no talent to keep her going.

She isn’t the first female Ghanaian musician to use this method to attract attention and she definitely would not be the last. It is just a matter of time before another lady pops up, who is sexier and far more daring. Daring enough to show body parts Ebony in all her raunchy outfits hasn’t shown us yet. At that moment, what happens? We will push Ebony to the back, the very back of the concert room and make way for this new goddess.