What’s Your Price?

What’s Your Price?

It is often said that everyone has a price. Certainly, some people are more expensive than others. In negotiations, you need to know the price at which the other person may give in to your demands. Quoting the right price will give you that all important contract or land you the girl/guy of your dreams. It may put that important ally by your side or turn an enemy into a friend.

However, it is important to remember that arrogantly believing everything in this world is about price may lead you into offending a good number of people who come into contact with you.

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It is not uncommon to hear of parents, under the burden of poverty, selling their children into slavery. For most of these parents, their price is anything between 500ghana cedis and a 1000ghana cedis. Under the heavy stress of poverty, this is how little it takes for some parents to turn their backs on these little ones.

For a South African man, his price was a Mercedes Benz G wagon. This married man faced any man’s worst nightmare- to have another man date and impregnate his wife. Cases like this one often end with all hell breaking lose. However, the story is different when the perpetrator of this abominable act has the wherewithal to make dreams come true.

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According to the South African husband, it has always been his dream to drive a G wagon. Unfortunately, he isn’t in a position to buy one. This made it very easy for him to forgive the man who bedded his wife and succeeded in impregnating her. All because the guilty party brought along the luxurious car as a way of apologising for what had happened.

Close family members are livid over the husband’s behaviour but then let’s look at it from both angles. The husband’s price is a G wagon. With that in hand, he can afford to look into the eyes of the one who just impregnated his wife, shake his hand, smile and forgive him.

The wife might have also had her own price settled that’s why she went on to have the affair even though she was married. The guilty man on the other hand believes with money he can buy sin and with that same money buy forgiveness. Frankly, it is working for him.

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